Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge - Tips

June 14th - Give your followers 15 tips to get through life.

I don't know about this.
Give advice?
And can I really think of 15 tips?

1. Enjoy life! You can't get through it if you don't enjoy it.
2. If you have kids, always take some time to enjoy time alone with your spouse.
3. If you are a first time mom, trust your instinct and ignore advice you are unsure of.
4. Go for a manicure/pedicure.
5. Take some time to enjoy a latte and book.
6. When feeling stressed, go for a run or kickboxing.
7. Keep a journal.
8. Cheat on a diet. Don't overdo it, but every once in a while, it's good to cheat a little.
9. Travel.
10. Read a trashy novel.
11. Have a good friend with whom you can bitch to and they won't judge. There are time you need to bitch about something and don't want it held against you.
12. Bake something. When your house smells of fresh baked goods, everything is fabulous.
13. Have a girls' night out (or a boys night)
14. Watch Iron Chef. (Have you seen Michael Symon?)
15. Have fun!


Rachael said...

Totally agree with #6. It's amazing what a good run can do for you mentally!

Shai Smith said...

Number 12 is so true!!! And I need to read a trashy novel. lol.

Domestically Seasoned said...

I agree that going for a run or walk when stressed is great advice.

Shayla Burks said...

Wonderful tips! Thanks.

Sue said...

Great ideas, Tima!


Jeanne said...

It can even be fun to run while listening to a trashy novel! ;)

Kendall said...

Latte and a book = heaven

Witch Vera said...

Really love 7 and 9... Number 12 - I would definitely, will really love to do it once I get the chance.. ^_^

Jennifer Cluff said...

love #4, 5 & 6... my dream day - every day! great list :)